Hagley Senior College

If you are heading into Year 12, 13 or further study then you are in the right place. The Senior College makes up the majority of our role, and for good reason!

The Senior College offers over 175 different choices of subjects and programmes. All subjects have national qualifications and staircase into more advanced learning. Students are able to study at different times of the day and may undertake full-time or part-time study.

We pride ourselves on our student success within the Senior College. It may surprise people to learn that…

  • Over 85% of our adolescent students gaining NCEA Level 2 or higher
  • We have the 2nd highest number of NCEA Level 3 Awards in Canterbury
  • and over 150 Hagley students graduate from a New Zealand University every year

Hagley prepares students for their future in an inspiring and successful way. Jump on board and give us a call today to see if Hagley is your next step.


Senior Prospectus 2018

For all of the courses and info you need on the Senior College, view or download our Senior College Prospectus.

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