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Study options at Hagley don't come lightly. We have a curriculum to be be admired - innovative, creative and unique. We pride ourselves on the ability to be flexible with our students.

Not your regular high school…

We offer a wide range of learning options for students of many ages, stages and cultures. We focus on each individual and their learning needs. Our goal is to help students to discover or nurture their passion, and to find out their identities along the way. Hagley courses and programmes are continually changing to meet the needs of learners more effectively. Whether you arrive here from a primary school at Year 9, switch from another high school, or you are coming back to study later in life, there is an abundance of options for you to consider.

We have various areas/programmes within the College, these include:


Hagley is known for tailoring programmes and looking at individual student needs to find their ‘best fit’ study programme. Whether it be accelerated learning, a full-time immersion course, extra support, flexible options or multi level learning, we can make it work for you…

Here are some examples of students who have flexible programmes of learning…

Camelia | Year 9 Student

  • Camelia is a Year 9 student but taking NCEA Level 1 Mathematics (Year 11) so will be sitting exams this year.

Zeba | Part-time Adult

  • Zeba is a research assistant at the Faculty of Medicine in Christchurch but she also studies at English at Hagley so that she can become a doctor in NZ.

Richard | Year 12 Student

  • Richard’s strengths lie in Music and Theatre so has been subject accelerated to Level 3 Music even though he is Year 12.

Ezra | School of Music

  • Ezra is in the School of Music but combining this with Year 12 Woodwork because his dream is to be a Luthier (guitar maker).

Sophie | School of Fashion

  • Sophie is balancing her studies at the Hagley School of Fashion with her Olympic swimming training.

Connor | University of Canterbury

  • When Connor was in Year 12 he was taking some classes at Year 13 because of his academic level. He is also did some University papers which allowed him to go straight in to second year computer science at uni after leaving Hagley.

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