Hagley College Policies

Promoting Wellbeing Together

At Te Puna Wai o Waipapa we are using some specific strategies to support and promote our students’ wellbeing. The approaches that we are incorporating fit with a Positive Education approach, which is a combination of evidence-based Positive Psychology strategies and educational best practice. Click here to read our brochure and find helpful websites on Promoting Wellbeing Together

Hagley College Harassment Prevention and Response Policy

The goal of this policy is to have an active harassment prevention and response policy to assist staff and students in fostering a safe emotional and physical environment for our Hagley College community. The policy reflects the commitment of the school community in having an understanding of what bullying is; and know what to do when bullying occurs.

Attached is the  Hagley College Harassment Prevention and Response Policy

Visitors to the College Policy

The goal of this policy is to have an active policy to ensure the emotional and physical safety of the Hagley College student community.

Attached is the Visitors to the College Policy

Child Protection Policy

The college is committed to providing a safe environment for all, and recognises the important role and responsibility all staff have in identifying and responding to concerns about the wellbeing of a child including suspected child abuse and neglect.

Attached is the Child Protection Policy

Smokefree Policy

The goal of this policy is to have an active smokefree kaupapa on campus and for all whanau associated with Hagley College to contribute to a smokefree generation.

Attached is the HagleyCollegeSmokefreePolicy160515

For your feedback please email anna.williams@staff.hagley.school.nz

Alcohol & Drug Policy

Hagley College is committed to the wellbeing of our staff and students by ensuring we take all reasonable steps to maintain the College as a drug and alcohol free environment.

Attached is the Hagley College Alcohol & Drug Policy

Rowan Milburn

Deputy Principal: Student Wellbeing


Rowan leads our student wellbeing team. She leads our staff in shaping how our students engage with learning, with each other and with our teachers. Rowan directs our school calendar, events, day to day student operations, as well as promotes opportunities for student participation and leadership.

Suzanne Waters

Head of Junior College and Year 11


Suzanne has been the Director of the Junior College for over twenty years and of Year 11 for 5 years. She has taught at Hagley since 1988 and is in charge of the pastoral care and discipline for all Yr 9, 10 and 11 students.

Michael Gilchrist

Head of Guidance


Hagley College’s new Head of Guidance comes to us with a wealth of experience in education, both as an English teacher and more recently as a counsellor. Michael welcomes students to come over to Simpson House and meet the team.

Leanne Buchan

Guidance Counsellor


Leanne brings a wealth of experience to our wellbeing team. She works both with small targeted groups to enhance wellbeing as well as with individual students. You can find Leanne in Simpson House.

Jenny O’Sullivan

Year 12 Dean


Jenny can work to support you and help you overcome any barriers affecting your learning. Your tutor may refer you to Jenny or you can approach her yourself.

Lisa Keating

Year 11 Well-being Programme Co-ordinator


Lisa can work with you to help you overcome problems relating to your progress at Hagley. Your tutor may refer you to Lisa or you can approach her yourself.

Anna Williams

Year 9 Dean


Anna can work with you to help you overcome problems relating to your progress at Hagley. Your tutor may refer you to Anna or you can approach her yourself.

Donna Steel

Student Support Manager


Donna is our Deans Assistant. She is located in the Dean's office but you will see Donna's bright and bubbly face around the College. Donna can assist you with making appointments with your year level Dean.

Illa Russell

Wellbeing Administrator


Illa is the friendly face behind the reception desk when you enter Simpson House. She will make an appointment with the counsellor, supervise time out spaces or just be there for students for a chat. Illa also manages the College attendance process which involves notifying caregivers, promoting and rewarding positive attendance and developing strategies for non attendance.

Anne Farrall



Anne is our school Nurse, she is located in the Health Centre on the ground floor of the main block. The Health Centre provides a service for accidents, injuries or illness while at College.