Learning Enhancement

Learning Enhancement links strongly into literacy and unites the essential skills of reading and writing. Learning is enhanced within the context of a student’s individual literacy needs from within their programme of learning.

A wide range of support is offered, aimed at scaffolding students’ learning appropriately to their needs. This includes…

The accurate placement of students into their ‘best fit’ learning programme:

  • Personal enrolment interview allowing student and family input
  • Diagnostic and other assessment information
  • Transition support

Support within a wide range of curriculum classes for many students:

  • Enhancing students’ understanding of literacy – the ability to read and write, to recognise and understand ideas, to think and express themselves as a pathway to their learning.

A wide range of learning support services, including:

  • Academic Dean – extension of the curriculum and enrichment beyond it
  • IEPs – for ORS students and those with significant special needs
  • Literacy Teachers – providing both individual and group tutoring, delivering classroom programmes of learning
  • Learning Support Profiles – to support students working independently
  • Special Assessment Conditions – for eligible students
  • Support Teachers – working with wide-ranging needs, which allows students to develop into self managing learners within school and beyond
  • Tutors – nomalised classroom support within NCEA classes
  • Van Asch Deaf Education Centre – inclusive satellite class