Need Extra Help?

Need help with tertiary education

  • If you are from migrant/refugee background and
  • You plan to study/currently are studying at Uni/Polytech and
  • You need money to cover your living costs and tuition fee

Then attend the annual Scholarship Night on Tue 26 Feb at J-block, 5-7pm.

Citizen Advice Bureau (CAB) drop-in clinic at Hagley (12.35 -1.20 pm in ESOL office)

Help with anything that you are not sure about: rental, buy a house, study, etc.

  • Friday 29 March 2019
  • Friday 28 June 2019
  • Friday 27 September 2019

IRD drop-in clinic at Hagley (bring your IRD number) (12.35 -1.20 pm in ESOL office)

Help with tax issues, how to pay, to get refund when study and work part-time, etc.

  • Wednesday 13 March Wednesday 12 June
  • Wednesday 10 April Wednesday 7 August
  • Wednesday 8 May                                     Wednesday 11 September

Need help with bus?

  • If you are under 18 and
  • You are from refugee background and
  • Go to school by bus. ……………………Then come to see Thi (35 -1.20 pm in ESOL office)

Need help with Childcare?

  • If you study at Hagley and
  • Your (grand)child(ren) at Pre-school of Hagley and
  • You are a good student (go to school everyday) and
  • You need help to pay childcare costs…….. Then come to see Thi (35 -1.20 pm in ESOL office) for your attendance record of each Term to know if you are qualified or not.
    • If you are qualified, bring your attendance record to see Jocelyn/Megan at the Pres-school, and you may not need to pay the childcare costs.
    • If you are not qualified, you have to pay the childcare costs from your money

Come to see Thi at ESOL office (next to Classroom E2)
At morning tea break (10:20-10.45 am) OR lunch time (12:35-1.20pm)