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From the Junior College to adult learning environments and After 3, Hagley gives you the option to be engaged in education throughout your life. We cater for so many ages and stages right from the start of high school...

Junior Graduating College | Year 9 – Year 10

The Junior College has small classes and we take a personal approach to the students’ learning needs. From the diagnostic assessment and a personalised transition programme, right through to working with students in and outside of class. Classes are fun, focused and inspire our students to be the very best they can be. The graduation into Year 11 is a great incentive for the students and is great preparation for their senior years.
We fill up every year, so get in quick!

Year 11 Graduating College  |  Year 11

The Year 11 Graduating College is designed to transition students successfully into doing thier NCEA Examinations as well as inspiring them to continue into the Senior College.

Hagley Senior College  |  Year 12 – Year 13 and Adult

The Senior College is where our students’ options really start to open up. The Senior College makes up majority of the school’s population with many student coming from other schools for our range of study options and flexibilty. Students work towards Level 2 and 3 NCEA, plus University Entrance and Scholarships if they choose.

Specialty Courses  |  Year 12 Onwards

At Hagley we believe that students should be able to immerse themselves in their passion. We have created specialist courses to allow them to do that. There are many options, from Cuisine, Fashion, The School of Apps, Dance, Music, Theatre…and so much more!

After 3  |  Age 16+

After 3 is essentially our evening programmes designed to pathway students to further learning and perfect for people with other commitments like work or family! There is everything from Languages, English, Math, Cooking, Photography and more! Time isn’t a barrier with After 3.


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