Full Time

English Language Learning (ELL) provides you with opportunities to learn English for living, working and studying in New Zealand.

Learning English will help you develop language and skills to improve your confidence, participate in your
community and prepare you for a job and/or study.

Course placement into all ELL programmes depends on your English language level. You must contact the
Enrolment Centre before 11 November 2020 to receive information about a placement test.

Vocational English

Full and Part-time Senior Programmes
Level: Intermediate to Upper Intermediate
11 VOC – Full-time
12 VOC – Full-time
This course enables you to develop your community language, knowledge and skills. It is excellent preparation for actively participating in New Zealand life as well as preparing for a job or academic study.
Course Components
• Speak with fluency when communicating
• Gain essential skills and strategies for using new vocabulary and grammatical structures
• Apply strategies and skills to understand and use English for a variety of real-life purposes

ELL unit standards contribute to the New Zealand Certificate in English Language, NCEA, Numeracy and Literacy unit standards.

Studying at High School

Full-time Programme for Young Adolescents and adults who are under 25
Develop skills in English as well as gain NCEA credits.
In a supportive environment, you will develop knowledge and skills for success at high school, your chosen career or academic study.
Course Components
• Build confidence and skills in English using speaking, listening, reading and writing
• Study Math, Science and Health, Physical Education

Academic English

Part-time Programme
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
12ELL2 – Level 2 English Language credits
12ELL3 – Level 3 English Language credits – (General) + Level 1 English Achievement Standards
13APW – Level 3 English Language credits (applied) + Level 4 ELL credits
13EAP – Level 4 EAP – Academic reading & writing credits for UE Literacy
Academic English aims to prepare students for higher level study. The programmes are suitable for students who wish to study at a university, polytechnic or improve their formal English in the workplace.
Course Components
• Speak and participate in academic settings such as an interview, speech or seminar
• Improve your academic listening and reading skills
• Develop clear and effective writing skills for communicating in academic situations or the workplace.

Credits lead to NCEA or NZCEL, depending on course.

Applied Writing

Studying and working in Aotearoa, New Zealand, involves managing the challenging transition from using your home language to using English.
If you feel that your writing in English is not yet fluent enough for your needs, this course will help you. It aims to unlock some of the skills needed for you to feel comfortable communicating with your teachers and peers, as well as at work.
Course Components
• Explore a range of texts to recognise differences between text types
• Learn to write in different styles for a range of academic and workplace contexts: eg blogs, reports, essays

NZCEL Level 3 (applied) While IELTS is not a specific course focus, the types of skills needed for tests such as IELTS will be developed and practised.