Free Activities

Extra activities are free for students


Let’s Move – Jump Jam (Group Fitness: Open to all students and staff)

What: To do physical and energetic movements to refresh yourself between classes
Where: In Classroom E7
When: Monday morning break, from 10.20 am – 10.45 am


The Multi-Ethnic Homework Centre
What:        To help students from Year 1 to Year 13 with their study
Where:      J –block
When:       4.30 – 7.30 pm every Tuesday and Wednesday.

Cooking Class
What:        To learn to cook healthy and nutritious Kiwi meals and practice English
Where:      J –block
When:       5 – 7 pm every Tuesday

Learn to Bike:
What:        To get help with your biking skills while improving your English
Where:      ESOL office and open space
When:       4 pm every Tuesday

ESOL Computer Class – Basic
What:        To learn how to use computer while improving your English
Where:      Classroom HL4
When:       3.15 – 5.15 pm every Tuesday


Yoga Class
What:        To learn Yoga for a healthier and happier life
Where:      P1 (Dance Room)
When:       8.30 am – 9.30 am every Wednesday

Sewing Class
What:        To learn basic sewing and practice English
Where:      J –block
When:       5 – 7pm every Wednesday.


Driving Class – Theory
What: To learn road rules and tips for Learner’s Licence Test
Where: E4
When: 3.15-5.15 pm every Thursday