Evening Classes

English Language Learning (ELL) provides you with opportunities to learn English for living, working and studying in New Zealand.

PLEASE NOTE: All classes run from Feb – Nov

English for Living in New Zealand – Monday Evening – POST – BEGINNERS

Improve your everyday English to help you use English in
real-life situations. Build confi dence practising new skills.
English for Living in
New Zealand
Course Components
• Learn to read a range of simple texts
• Develop confi dence when speaking in English
• Write for everyday purposes such as fi lling out forms
Build your language skills to move to Intermediate and other level ELL courses in the Aft er 3 Programme or full-time and part-time Hagley ELL programmes.

English Conversation – Thursday Evening

Develop your skills to speak confidently and fluently in familiar and unfamiliar situations.

Course Components
• Participate in pair, group and class discussions
• Acquire correct pronunciation, stress and intonation
• Use cultural knowledge to communicate appropriately
• Learn to speak English in a supportive, safe environment

Develop your language skills to move to:
• Enhance social, study and workplace communication
• Intermediate level ELL courses in the Aft er 3 or Full time Hagley
ELL programmes

Academic Writing Studies: Writing for Study and the Workplace – Tuesday Evening

Studying and working in Aotearoa, New Zealand involves managing the challenging transition from using your home language to using English. If you
feel that your writing in English is not yet fluent, this course will help you. It aims to unlock some of the skills needed for you to feel comfortable with writing
formal English. You will learn how to effectively communicate in a range of areas. By producing many types of writing for a variety of academic and work place settings, your overall use of English will improve.

Course Components
• Build your writing skills so that you can write clearly and eff ectively.
• Write a variety of text that shows an understanding of how knowledge is organised and presented across multiple areas (school, workplace)
• Show confi dence in writing through awareness of own language and writing processes, alongside formal English language standards and conventions.
• Develop your own writing project by identifying questions, developing strategies, using a range of sources, and selecting an effective method of presentation.

Increase your study and workplace options by growing your confidence, knowledge, skills and ability to write in English. Move to Hagley tertiary or workplace programmes, or prepare for IELTS/vocational EL tests.