ESOL Courses and Programmes

Hagley has a range of programmes for supporting and furthering the education and employment of refugee background learners and new migrants.

Our English Language Learning and Refugee and Migrant programmes provide you with opportunities and support to learn English and gain skills for living, working and studying in New Zealand. We encourage you to enrol as soon as possible to secure your place.

Meet the Team


Sarah Denny

Director of Learning Communities

Sarah leads our work on improving the engagement and achievement of multi-lingual learners, a key priority group at Hagley, with a focus on Pasifika learners as well as multi-lingual learners of other nationalities. She also leads programme development, professional learning and appraisal in our After 3 pathway programmes.

Tara de Coninck

Learning Leader, English Language Learning

Tara is the Learning Leader of English Language Learning Department.

Ben Gresham

Diversity Services Manager

Ben manages the refugee and migrant programmes outside of the usual school day and in the wider community. This includes the Multi-ethnic Homework and Study Support Centre. A primary trained teacher and an experienced community worker Ben has lived several years overseas including Europe, the Middle East and Australia.

Rachel Lin

Enrolment Officer

Rachel looks after the enrolments and pastoral care for students from migrant and refugee background. She also provides bilingual support for English Language Learning classes and administration for the Learning Communities team.


Day Programmes:

Full-Time Courses:

  • Community English (Beginner to Intermediate)
  • Vocational English (Post Intermediate to Upper Intermediate)
  • High School for Students Under 25 Years Old (ESOL, Science, Maths, PE)

Part-Time Courses:

  • Community English (Beginner to Intermediate)
  • Vocational English (Post Intermediate to Upper Intermediate)
  • Conversational English (Beginner)
  • Communication English Life Skills (Beginner)
  • IELTS preparation (Upper Intermediate)
  • Computing
  • Textiles for English Learning (Intermediate)
  • New Zealand Studies for English Learning (Intermediate)
  • Gardening for English Learning (Intermediate)
Day Programmes

Evening Programmes (Part-time courses):

Adult Community Programmes

  • Cooking
  • Sewing
  • Driving Theory Learning
  • Computing
  • Women Wellbeing

Homework and Study Support for Students Year 1-13

  • English and study support (Tuesday and Wednesday evenings)
Evening Programmes

Weekend and Holiday Programmes

Home Language Maintenance Programmes

  • Russian Language Classes (Saturdays)
  • Farsi Language Classes (Sundays)

NCEA Holiday Programmes

  • One-week Exam Support (Term 3 in school year)

Capacity Building and Professional Learning

  • Inter-cultural education workshops for organisations
  • Professional learning for school teachers

Other Services: Bilingual Liaison Support and Hosting of Events

  • International Days (Every second year)
  • Liaison work with other schools (interpreting cultural support)
  • Pastoral care and links to other agencies

Plus check out our After 3 Evening Programme


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Rachel Lin - Enrolment Officer

(03) 379 3090 ext 814