Learning Communities Newsletters

Sarah Denny

Director of Learning Communities


Sarah oversees the Learning Communities team, including English Language Learning, Diversity Support, Refugee and Migrant Programmes, and After 3 pathway programmes.

Lesley Cowie

English Language Leaning HOD


Lesley manages the English Language Learning community during the day. She is also responsible for the pastoral care and study pathways for migrant and refugee students under 25.

Thi Phan

Manager of Diversity Support


Thi manages refugee and migrant programmes outside of the usual school day and in the wider community. This includes the Multi-ethnic Homework and Study Support Centre, Weekend and Holiday Programmes, Capacity Building and hosting of cultural events.

Rachel Lin

Enrolment Officer


Rachel looks after the enrolments and pastoral care for students from migrant and refugee background. She also provides bilingual support for English Language Learning classes and administration for the Learning Communities team.

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