Staying safe at school

Please click here to read the letter that were send home, there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 in our school community.

Please click here to read the following in regards to your child attending school with Covid Symptoms

  • Covid measures and our students

    Kei aku nui, kei aku rahi, tēnā koutou katoa i roto i ngā āhuatanga o te wā.

    Welcome back after what we hope has been a wonderful summer for your whānau.

    Our team is refreshed and ready to go for the 2022 year and can’t wait to welcome everyone back onsite.

    In regard to COVID-19 we have moved fully into the new traffic light framework for all our school and kura activities and events this year. At the Red setting, we can continue to be open for instruction.

    Events and activities

    We have reviewed all our events and activities for the upcoming term to ensure we meet the health guidance for Red. You will receive year level specific information in the near future around amended beginning of the year events, gatherings and activities.


    Good old fashioned fresh air remains the most important thing we can do in our learning spaces to minimise risk for ākonga and kaiako. The Ministry of Education have notified us that we will be receiving a CO2 monitor in the coming weeks to further support our ventilation plan.


    Following a Ministry of Education directive staff and students in Years 9 – 13 must wear a mask when inside at school when we are at Red.

    Managing cases in our school

    Our attendance processes will provide good information for contact tracing should it be required.

    We will respond to Ministry of Health and/or Ministry of Education advice, should we need to consider moving to a distance learning model. We will keep everyone learning onsite for as long as it is safe to do so.

    Please make sure your contact details we have on file are up to date. Email any changes of details to:

    Preparing for COVID-19

    You can also prepare for COVID-19, making sure you and your household have a plan and know what to do. This will mean your whānau and community can help each other if needed. COVID-19-Readiness-Checklist.pdf ( 

    Self-isolating at home because of COVID-19

    Many people will be able to manage self-isolation with help from friends and whānau, but there is help available if you need it – both with health support and access to food and other essentials. · Getting extra support if you have COVID-19 or are self-isolating | Unite against COVID-19 (

    If you know anyone in your community affected by COVID-19 and who may need help, such as food and other financial assistance, Work and Income has a range of supports available for individuals, families, employers and self-employed people affected by COVID-19.

    Work and Income support

    The beginning of the year can be a tough time for parents who are faced with many costs and it is important you are aware of what assistance you may be able to get from Work and Income. These are available to people on a low income as well as those on a benefit.

    Use the links above or call 0800 559 009 to find out more, or to apply.

    Please contact the College if you have any concerns. Our tutor teachers are the best place to start with any questions or concerns. While this might all feel a little overwhelming at times, we know that all these measures will help our ākonga return to school, reconnect with friends and continue with their education.

We’re asking everyone – staff, students, our school whānau and community – to be responsible for safe hygiene practices at school. We all need to see safety as a package of practices, not just one thing.

The first practice is about safe attendance: only students and staff who are well should be at Hagley. We’ll be monitoring this closely at the beginning of the school day and at the start of classes.

The practices during the school day we’re continuing to ask everyone to use are:

  • using hand sanitiser and wipes regularly throughout the school day, particularly when finishing with shared equipment, or when entering or leaving a classroom.
  • following other good hygiene practices (coughing into your elbow, handwashing for at least 20 seconds and drying)
  • using contactless greetings such as a smile and a wave.
  • staying out of the ‘breath zone’ of others both during class time and breaks.

Hagley will continue to be doing a lot as well to support what everyone’s doing individually. Extra cleaning is happening during the school day to clean toilets and other shared spaces, including table surfaces, hand rails and door handles.  Contact tracing will be available via our school attendance system for students and staff, should the need arise.

  • All visitors to the school must sign in at reception and scan in via the COVID Tracer QR code posters prominently displayed.
  • All students /parents / caregivers and visitors should wear masks and sign / scan in

    Adult student enrolling in a 2022 programme

    The Vaccination Order released on 26 October 2021 makes COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory for everyone who works for a school, or who may have contact with students or will be present at a time when students are also present. It applies to adult students engaged in onsite programmes.

    We all want Hagley to be as safe a place as possible for everyone. We’re required by Government to encourage everyone to get vaccinated and we’re certainly doing that. We understand that you may want to seek information about the vaccine. We encourage you to contact your GP or the Ministry of Health.

    In 2022, we can accept only fully vaccinated adult students for places in any programme. This includes day and evening programmes on both our Hagley and Champion St sites. Adult students are classified as those whose 19th birthday occurs on or before 1 January 2022.

    Please click here to read the Privacy statement – Vaccination register (Eligible students)

    If you are an adult student and wish to enrol in a 2022 programme, you will need to be fully vaccinated and provide evidence to the school when enrolling.

    The school is required to collect evidence of vaccination and to store it securely. It’s important to note that the Vaccination Order overrides any Privacy Act right to not provide medical information, but the requirement to properly record and store information remains.

    To confirm your vaccination status you will need: an entry on the My COVID Record website or an vaccine passport, immunisation card showing both vaccination dates. If you have an exemption from being vaccinated, please bring a copy of the exemption or authorisation.

    We hope that you will choose to continue with your enrolment for 2022. Please be aware that the school does not have any discretion over whether to apply the Vaccination Order and is acting under the direction of Government and the Ministry of Health  If you wish to discuss the Order further, please contact the Ministry on 0800 358 5453 or


    Nei a kupu whakamiha ka rere.

    Nāku noa, nā,

    Rowan Milburn

    Acting Principal