Academic Writing and Study Skills

As UC@Hagley, we teach Academic writing and study skills, which is the compulsory paper (TRNS001) of the Certificate in University Preparation (CUP).

Hagley’s collaboration with the University of Canterbury can help you with your your transition into university study.

We offer an Academic writing and study skills course as part of our UC@Hagley partnership. It is also the compulsory course (TRNS001) of the University’s Certificate in University Preparation (CUP).

You could take TRNS001 either before entering university or alongside 100-level study to develop confidence and skills in a university environment.

Enrolments are open to domestic students only. There is no fee for refugee-background students for Hagley’s TRNS001 course. For other students there is a $60 administration fee.

If you need to gain University Entrance, have a look at the full CUP programme.

TRNS001 is structured around whole class work (in classes up to 30), small group classes of up to 8 students and individual mentoring, with two larger lectures to introduce you to lecture-style learning. It’s a great way to meet other students and make new friends. Our students include school-leavers as welll as adults who are re-entering study, studying at tertiary level for the first time or changing careers.

You will also be able to connect with subject advisors as well as the many different student supports, clubs and social opportunities at the university.

We offer two intakes: 24 February to mid-June (preparing for university entry in Semester 2, 2020); and 24 June to early November (preparing for university entry in Semester 1, 2021).

A pass result in Academic writing and study skills (TRNS001) can be credit transferred to the University of Canterbury.

There is also a full-year option, running from mid-February to late October, in our After 3 programme.
Contact the Enrolments Centre or the Hagley Transitions Team if you are interested in the AWS course.

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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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