Finding Us

Hagley College is located in the centre of Christchurch, adjacent to Hagley Park. It is accessed by all major bus routes that pass through the centre of town from all suburban areas. Hagley College students come from all parts of the larger Christchurch area.

Hagley College has been located adjacent to Hagley Park since 1854, when it was known as Christchurch West. Whether you are travelling from South, North, the Eastern suburbs, or from out West, the main arterial roads and bus routes all pass close to Hagley.

Access from South
Blenheim Rd and Lincoln Roads all lead you to Moorhouse Avenue from where it is just off to your left, on Selwyn Street towards Hagley Park. When you reach Hagley Park turn right and you will find the main entry to the carpark on your right.

Access from North
From Bealey Avenue, take Durham Street one way through town and then right into St Asaph a few blocks from the Re Start Mall. This will take you towards Hagley Park from where you take a left and the main gate is right there.